Parent & Toddler

Sherwood Road, Bromsgrove

Parent and toddler swimming lessons

For information on our exclusive premises on the Sherwood Road, Bromsgrove, please click the facilities link at the top of the page.

Classes now running Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings

At 'Mini Waves' we understand the importance of getting children into the water as soon as possible. We are delighted to be able to offer a range of classes aimed at children aged between 15 months and 3 years, all delivered exclusively from our 32°c swimming pool on the Sherwood Road, Bromsgrove.

With a maximum of only 8 'parent & toddler' with our STA trained tutor, and having exclusive use of the pool for each session, we offer premium sessions at a price that is affordable to all.

All our courses run for 10 weeks straight, we do not close for school holidays. New members are welcome to join at any time if a space is available and we welcome any prospective customers to come down and view our lessons in person. Our classes currently run on Thursday & Saturday mornings.

Our toddler classes include an entry and an exit song as well as toys and jumps to make the lessons enjoyable and fun whilst at the same time giving your child the skills and confidence to thrive in the water.

As toddlers like to have their own independence, for part of the session we make use of foam disk arm bands so that little ones are free to have movement through the pool unaided, boosting confidence and preparing them for the next step of lessons without a parent in the water.

The toddler sessions are the perfect way to assess a child’s skills in the water, it may be possible that some children already have the skills necessary, to move up to the children’s lessons without parents in the water, before the age of 3.